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Jason Sloan: (Program Head/ Coordinator)
is an electronic musician, composer, and sound artist working from Baltimore, Md. His work explores immateriality and its relationship to memory, systems and the virtual world. Sloan also works under the moniker L’Avenir. Started in 2012, L’Avenir is an ongoing side project to explore Jason’s long time love of synthpop and minimal wave music. L’Avenir’s music is created purely from analog, modular and vintage synthesizer equipment and has released albums on Barcelona’s Cold Beats Records and Sweden’s Beläten labels.

In 2001 Sloan co-founded SLO.BOR Media with sound artist & web designer Matt Borghi as a vehicle for their individual ambient releases and a platform for other artists. SLO.BOR Media is primarily a record label, but focuses on a variety of media and forms of distribution. SLO.BOR Media is also quite concerned with packaging, design, new media, sound and conceptual art.

Sloan received his BFA from Edinboro University and his MFA from Towson University.  In addition to being the recipient of multiple Maryland State Arts Council’s Individual Artist Awards, Sloan’s performances, installations, net.art and video works have been exhibited internationally including Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Kiev, Nagoya, Saint-Petersburg, Toulouse, Lisbon, Uden and Vienna. In addition to releasing over a dozen studio albums and E.P.’s over the last decade on various record labels, Sloan has played live all over the US, Canada and Europe including the influential Live Constructions radio program at Columbia University, Berlin’s Liquid Sky TVSTEIM in Amsterdam, CMMAS in Morelia, and Philadelphia’s The Gatherings concert series, one of the country’s oldest continuing ambient and electronic music series.

Contact: jsloan [at] mica [dot] edu
Web: http://jasonsloan.com

Erik Spangler:

is a composer and electronic musician living in Baltimore, Maryland. Engaged equally with ensemble improvisation, live sample-based mixing, guerilla community sound art, hybrid electronica production, and notated chamber music, Spangler aims to dissolve cultural boundaries while drawing all corners of inspiration into cohesive sound images. Autobiographical audio artifacts, field recordings and found sounds share equal space with newly composed material- all aspects influencing each other.

Spangler’s compositions have been performed across the United States and internationally from Canada to China, by ensembles including the Atlantic Brass Quintet, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, and International Contemporary Ensemble. Performances as a turntablist/electronic musician include collaborations with duYun, EAR Duo, Brian Sacawa, Mobtown Modern, jason.sloan, Out Of Your Head collective, Cornell Symphony Orchestra, and Ithaca College Percussion Ensemble. Music released on New Focus Recordings (Brian Sacawa, American Voices, Innova Recordings (duYun, Shark In You), and indie hip-hop label Nonsense Records (S.K.I.P., What They Never Told You).

Along with saxophonist Brian Sacawa, Spangler is also co-founder of the Mobtown Modern music series in Baltimore.

Spangler holds degrees from Oberlin College Conservatory of Music (B.M., Music Composition) and Harvard University (Ph.D., Music Composition.)

Contact: espangler [at] mica [dot] edu
Web: http://dubble8productions.com/