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MICA Sound Art at CMMAS Morelia

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Sound Art students spent a week in residence this past March 14-23, 2014, at the Centro Mexicano para la Música y Artes Sonoras (CMMAS), in Morelia, Mexico. MICA Sound Art faculty members Jason Sloan and Erik Spangler lead workshops in phonography (acoustic ecology and field recording), musique concréte (found-sound audio collage), and group improvisation using graphic scores (visual designs guiding the production of sounds in performance). Audio and video documentation of the local area were incorporated into a collaborative multimedia piece, performed at both CMMAS and MICA. CMMAS staff and artists in residence also presented talks on their work, and on audio technology available for use in the performance.

All workshops, including those by the MICA faculty and by musicians associated with CMMAS, were also attended by local Mexican students who also participated in the collaborative performance with the MICA students in the program.

MICA Sound Project Studio@CMMAS – Morelia Mexico from SoundArt@MICA on Vimeo.

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